Moving to Austin: What You Need to Know Before

If you’re thinking of moving to the Texas state capitol, the “Silicon Hills,” the Live Music Capital of the World, here’s what you need to know before moving to Austin.

Moving to Austin Tip #1. Locals will complain about transplants

While most of the people you’ll meet in Austin used to be transplants themselves, they will continue to complain about the influx of new out-of-state residents moving to Austin. There is a reason why “Welcome to Austin – Please Don’t Move Here” is a saying on T-shirts. But before you know it, you’ll be considered a local and complain along with them!

2. Barbecue is no joke

Texans take their barbecue seriously in the south. People will indeed wait in line for hours to get a taste of Franklin’s Barbecue. And it only starts from there! Become a true local after moving to Austin and try it all and stick by your favorite. Check out our “Great BBQ Spots in Austin” free download here.

3. You need air conditioning

While you will survive without a swimming pool, thanks to all the available outdoor swimming, you will need air conditioning. Austin continues to beat its own records for the years with the highest number of days when the temperature is 100+ degrees. An air conditioner is necessary to survive the long hot summers. 

4. Austinites are in shape 

They may eat a lot of barbecue, but Austinites sure do know how to burn it off! This is due to all the outdoor activities you can find in the city. Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park are two popular central locations to see people running, working out, and more. 

Moving to Austin Tip #5. There are a plethora of food trucks

If where you live now lacks food trucks, moving to Austin will quickly compensate for your missed experiences! Food trucks in Austin thrive thanks to the low rainfall and warm temperatures. They sell a little bit of everything from a little bit of everywhere. Rest assured that food is always close by. 

6. Update your wardrobe

Austinites dress very casually, thanks to the heat. Unless your work requires a suit, you probably won’t use it much outside of work when you live here. And with temperatures this high, sandals and shorts will be your new best friend. 

7. Tech is a big industry

There’s a reason it’s being called the “Silicon Hills” due to the thriving tech industry, mainly from California companies relocating or expanding to Austin. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Tesla is moving here. And the city is already home to big employers like Facebook, Google, Apple, Indeed, Microsoft, Dell, and more. 

8. Traffic is bad

With over 2 million residents and only three lanes of traffic on I-35 through downtown, expect to sit in traffic for a bit. Austin’s roadways are progressing to accommodate all the new residents, but it’s still a work in progress. So leave yourself plenty of time to get to your location and accommodate for traffic. 

9. Live music is available every day 

As the “Live Music Capital of the World,” you could find live music every day in Austin! Austin is a popular location for artists to visit on their tours, thanks to the several music venues in the city. Besides live music concerts, Austin is big on live music festivals. Festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits bring the locals and out-of-towners to the city to sing along. 

Moving to Austin Tip #10. Texas traditions

Texas is known for its traditions, including:

  • There’s no state income tax
  • You can’t buy liquor on Sunday
  • Sweet tea and queso are their own food groups
  • Beautiful bluebonnets will inspire family photos for years to come

Check out our free download “Annual Austin Area Events” here.

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