An Architectural Guide to Austin Home Styles

An Architectural Guide to Austin Home Styles -

Austin has always held a firm place on the map for its rich history, incredible festivals, and the famous motto “Keep Austin Weird.” While the city is constantly expanding and evolving, many aspects have stayed true to its roots. Deep within the historical elements of the city is its striking architecture. These unique styles are sprinkled throughout the city of Austin, bringing forth influences from diverse history, cultures, and eras. Explore the history of Austin through the following styles of homes:


The American Craftsman style emerged in full bloom in the late nineteenth century. These homes offered more spacious, open living, dining, and kitchen spaces to the middle class, a transformative change from the Victorian era of architecture. With dramatic rooflines, low-hanging eaves, and interior woodwork, these craftsman homes have been popping up across Austin due to the popularity of comfort and ease. These homes find beauty in simplicity. 


Another residential architecture style that was widely popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, bungalow-style homes spread across the country, infiltrating almost every working-class suburb. These quaint, one-story homes tend to be of a smaller size, with huge living spaces and two to three bedrooms, perfect for a small family. The two most common styles of the Bungalow home are the California Bungalow and the American Craftsman Bungalow. This style’s more historic properties can be found in Central Austin.

Queen Anne Homes 

​​Dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, Queen Anne homes could be found throughout the United States. These unique Victorian-era homes were incredibly popular in America, with distinct features such as distinctive gables, large bay windows, asymmetrical facades, and covered porches. One prominent style of Queen Anne homes is the Cottage. While smaller and less extravagant in some areas, the Queen Anne Cottage encompasses Victorian beauty in a compact, livable design. With glorious, wrap-around porches, and gabled roofing, these cottages are sprinkled throughout Austin near historic neighborhoods like Hyde Park alongside various other Queen Anne-style homes.

As you consider your choice of Austin homes, don’t forget to contemplate your preferred architectural type. These uniquely designed and historically authentic Austin homes are incredible finds. If you need help matching that dream image in your head to reality, contact us, and we will find the perfectly designed Austin home for you. 

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