Your Guide to the Great Outdoors in Austin, TX

Your Guide to the Great Outdoors in Austin, TX

While Austin is more commonly known as the Live Music Capital of the World, ask any Austinite enjoying a day out on the town, and they might have a more enticing answer. The Austin scenery is a sight to behold. The parks, rivers and lakes, countless outdoor activities, and some hidden real estate gems make Austin the perfect place to call home.

Let’s dive in.

The Winding Colorado River

The Winding Colorado River -

The Colorado River, the 18th longest in the United States at 862 miles long, runs deep through the heart of Austin. It is split between two prominent Austin lakes, Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin, making this natural beauty a must-see feature this summer. 

Countless Sunlit Parks

Countless Sunlit Parks - Austin-TX-MLS

The weather is never better than it is in Austin. Daily sunshine without the blistering temperatures of the south, an outdoor adventure is almost always on everyone’s itinerary. Nestled in South Austin, Barton Creek Greenbelt offers miles of the top Texas hiking and biking trails, clear blue swimming holes, and beautiful spots for experienced rock climbers. Located further southeast, McKinney Falls State Park has everything you need, from hiking, mountain biking, over 80 campsites, and our incredible Texas wildlife!

Live Music + Great Food

Live Music + Great Food - Austin-TX-MLS

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention the incredible live music events and food festivals that Austin is home to every season. The well-known and well-loved South by Southwest Festival celebrates lovers of film, tech, the arts, and music every year! This year, Hot Luck Festival is back, bringing award-winner Aaron Franklin and countless other talented chefs on a culinary Memorial-Day weekend for all locals and future Austinites to enjoy together.

The Scenic Side of Austin

The Scenic Side of Austin - Austin-TX-MLS

Wanting to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Austin scenery? Or hoping to find your dream neighborhood? Why not do both? Drive through stunning Austin real estate, eclectic communities, and bustling shopping areas on your self-tour of Austin. Don’t forget to drive with the windows down to enjoy our sunny weather! And make sure to add these remarkable neighborhoods to your route:

Travel To The Safari

Travel To The Safari - Austin-TX-MLS

An adventure fit for the whole family – your local drive-thru safari! With many exciting zoos and wildlife sanctuaries to choose from, you will certainly get a taste of a unique Austin experience without ever leaving your car. Plan ahead with tickets to any of our stunning zoos and enter a new world right in Austin’s backyard!

Whether you’re looking for a mountain biking adventure or wanting to cool off with a refreshing day at a watering hole – the Austin outdoors is for you. Why not make beautiful Austin more than just a weekend getaway? If you’d like help finding your perfect summer home, contact us!

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