Austin #1 for Most Dynamic College Towns

Research done by Point2 helped them find the most dynamic, robust, and sustainable college cities. The cities in the study are also best for life after college. The study looked at the 100 most successful universities in 86 cities across the U.S.. Then they ranked them based on 15 ranking factors across four dimensions. The four dimensions are human capital, housing, economic activity, and earning power & equity. 

Austin ranked #1 for the Top 10 Most Dynamic College Towns.

Economic Activity

Point2 defined economic activity by successful businesses, the unemployment rates, number of jobs available, and housing affordability. They calculated economic activity by analyzing home price evolution, home price to income ratio, most current unemployment rates, changes in the number of local businesses, the most recent number of available job openings, and the number of registered patents. Under Economic Activity, Austin ranked #2 in Top 10 Most Dynamic College Towns in Terms of Change in Business Establishments and #9 for Patents. 

Human Capital

Human capital relates to a community’s sustainability and growth. And an increase in population, especially young people, means new projects, research, and businesses. In this data, human capital was calculated by the rise in population and immigration levels, the median age of residents in the city, and the increase in residents with higher-education degrees. Our city ranked #8 for population growth. 


Housing is essential as being a homeowner is a milestone for many young people. This was calculated by the total number of housing units, changes in the number of vacant homes, and the number of building permits. Under Housing, Austin ranked #7 for housing units and #3 for building permits. 

The National Association of Home Builders assessed a year’s worth of single-family permits to gauge what area had the most home building activity. From July 2020 to July 2021, it jumped almost 30%. In fifth was the Austin-Round Rock area, so new homes are coming to the area! 

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